Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Faction Magazine V8 Release Party!

Faction Magazine Volume 8 Release Party
Wednesday April 27th from 6-10pm

Issue Theme Party - The current issue is all about "Americana". We would love it if you dressed up! There will be prizes for those who put in the most effort. Themes: Gypsy, Cowboy/Cowgirl, Outlaw, Hippie, Americana, Native American, Biker - just think free spirit, feathers and leather!

DJ MAKossa
$4 Stoli Drinks
$5 entry includes FREE V8 issue
21+ w/ID

The Union
415 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO 64111

V8 features:
Clothing from ATC, Shop Girls, Rock Candy and We are Tribe
Jewelry by Tracy McClain; "MaCavelli" and "Trajet" lines
Hair by Green Room Salon & Dizzy Dames
Make up by Joseph Hall of Mitsu Sato and Drew Proud
Shoot locations - Knuckleheads Saloon and Weston Red Barn Farm

Tracy McClain: MaCavelli and Trajet

By: Katie Pavlish / iamthekatie@gmail.com

Tracy McClain is an insurance territory manager by day, but her creative outlets far surpass her day job. By night, Tracy keeps herself busy as a jewelry designer, business owner, crafter and remodeler. Faction’s Day Drifters” and “BoHo Chic” photo shoots feature Tracy’s jewelry lines, MaCavelli and Trajet. Tracy creates jewelry through the use of found vintage pieces mixed with chains and sometimes leather. Her jewelry can be purchased on the Country Club Plaza at Standard and Halls’ Trunk Show May 20th and 21st .

Digging deeper into Tracy’s inspiration, we sought to find out how she created the jewelry featured in Faction’s newest issue (V8, coming out on April 27th, 2011). What was the inspiration for each of these pieces? Which materials were used to construct them? How are some of the main features of the jewelry interchangeable?

Tracy acknowledges the ideas for her pieces come from a variety of places, such as her inspiration for body necklaces seen on a website from California. Because the body necklaces on the site were a little too “bondage looking”, Tracy chose to design her own version with a bit more vintage, feminine edge, allowing it be worn both as a body necklace or, more traditionally, by clasping the waist/hip segment around the neck.

Other pieces of jewelry were from a single piece gifted to Tracy by a friend, who wanted Tracy to make something for herself. Transforming this one necklace into four different pieces, allowed Tracy to “re-gift” one of the pieces back to her friend. Tracy also uses music as a source of inspiration during the jewelry making process. Listening to heavy rock music of the 60s and 70s resulted in a “boho influence” in the necklace transformation.

The third set we featured in v8 was a result of Tracy’s fondness of natural stones and gold meshing together. The fringe of this necklace is a weave from three to four separate pieces with Tracy’s artistic eye deciding the outcome. She said,“The agate piece needed a little bling, so I added a vintage diamond cut chain. I love that you can wear it long, layer it or double the chain up for a shorter necklace.”

Her fourth piece was inspired by what she calls her “Rocker within”, so adding leather to the pendant was a necessary addition. Tracy chose light leather to keep with the Bohemian theme, added stones to the eyes to give the owl needed “Pop”, and she finished by fixing vintage pieces on both sides.

We think pairing layered jewelry, like Tracy’s, with the recent popularity of layering clothing with sequins and shiny jewelry on sheer fabrics will be the hot style for Summer 2011. We hope Kansas City will embrace this trend, displaying assorted jewelry over sheer summer dresses and tops. This subtle flash of sexiness can make any outfit appealing, whether going out on the town or staying in during cool summer evenings.

Nationally-recognized fashion expert, Jenn Falik, agrees. She suggests the layering of “long necklaces to accessorize in the most flattering way possible. They create a line that draws the eye vertically, giving the illusion of a longer torso - a very slimming effect.”

With the summer season starting, we encourage readers to be imaginative with their wardrobe, dig through their closets, and search those blogs for new inspiration. Layering your clothing and using different jewelry will make your creativity thrive. In summer fashion it is about having no set rules, being creative, and more importantly layering it up.

Friday, April 15, 2011

ATC Anniversary

Happy Anniversary ATC!

Arizona Trading Company, a buy/sell/trade clothing company, has been featured in many issues of Faction Magazine. On May 1st , ATC will celebrate the 13th anniversary of the opening of their store prominently located in Kansas City's Westport entertainment district. The Lawrence, KS location on Massachusetts Street will have a birthday this year in December. Each location has its own look and feel, inspiring visitors with great ideas on how to transform their wardrobe. We at Faction always find ourselves fascinated and inspired by ATC's visual displays!

We spoke with Venus Starr, General Manager/Head Buyer of their Westport store, to get the scoop. Despite the job requirement of having to deal with “boring paper work” as General Manager, Venus has a passion for moving inventory and creating a fun environment for her employees and customers. Her daily inspiration comes from national magazines such as “Nylon”, and taking note of other people's attire. Venus takes delight in seeing how different personalities evolve in people based on what they are wearing.

As a note for those who are spring cleaning, ATC is currently buying and taking trade-ins for Spring and Summer wear. Venus has observed current trends leaning toward a lot of lighter denim than ATC has seen in the past. "We are always looking for skinny jeans, bell bottoms, and denim shorts" says Venus, “and boot-cut denim for men is selling well for us right now.” Other hot trends moving well, are floral prints, mod patterns, clothing in the peach and cream color family, long thin t-shirts and men's vintage cowboy shirts.

We hope you continue to support our local shops as they continue to support Faction Magazine.
Happy Anniversary ATC!

Interview by Amanda Fenimore / Written by Faction Magazine