Friday, April 15, 2011

ATC Anniversary

Happy Anniversary ATC!

Arizona Trading Company, a buy/sell/trade clothing company, has been featured in many issues of Faction Magazine. On May 1st , ATC will celebrate the 13th anniversary of the opening of their store prominently located in Kansas City's Westport entertainment district. The Lawrence, KS location on Massachusetts Street will have a birthday this year in December. Each location has its own look and feel, inspiring visitors with great ideas on how to transform their wardrobe. We at Faction always find ourselves fascinated and inspired by ATC's visual displays!

We spoke with Venus Starr, General Manager/Head Buyer of their Westport store, to get the scoop. Despite the job requirement of having to deal with “boring paper work” as General Manager, Venus has a passion for moving inventory and creating a fun environment for her employees and customers. Her daily inspiration comes from national magazines such as “Nylon”, and taking note of other people's attire. Venus takes delight in seeing how different personalities evolve in people based on what they are wearing.

As a note for those who are spring cleaning, ATC is currently buying and taking trade-ins for Spring and Summer wear. Venus has observed current trends leaning toward a lot of lighter denim than ATC has seen in the past. "We are always looking for skinny jeans, bell bottoms, and denim shorts" says Venus, “and boot-cut denim for men is selling well for us right now.” Other hot trends moving well, are floral prints, mod patterns, clothing in the peach and cream color family, long thin t-shirts and men's vintage cowboy shirts.

We hope you continue to support our local shops as they continue to support Faction Magazine.
Happy Anniversary ATC!

Interview by Amanda Fenimore / Written by Faction Magazine

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